Tuesday, October 25, 2011

O is for Omnipotent

Forget about Omniscience, try to imagine that you could be Omnipotent for just one week. For seven consecutive days you could do One Big Thing per day to make the world a better place. 

Here’s what I would do.

SUNDAY: On the first day, I’d change the way things taste. All the things that are healthful and nutritious would taste good and all the things that are unhealthy and harmful would taste bad.

MONDAY: On the second day, I’d get rid of all addictions. Everyone would instantly become  addiction proof. The word would lose its meaning and disappear from the dictionary.

TUESDAY: On the third day, I’d take away the thrill some people seem to get from killing living things and turn it into disgust.

WEDNESDAY: On the fourth day, I’d make it possible for a woman to end a pregnancy just by wishing very hard that it just would go away.

THURSDAY: On the fifth day, I’d take away the urge parents have to force their children to be just like them, or to become what they always wanted to be.

FRIDAY: On the sixth day, I’d let old people die when and how they want—just by wishing hard for it—instead of having to wait for death.

SATURDAY: On the seventh day, I wouldn’t rest, instead I’d take away the feeling of absolute certainty that many people have about things that cannot be demonstrated or proved conclusively.

What would you do?

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